What goes in to my dolls?

My dolls are made of 5 main ingredients:

I use only the clean carded wool to stuff my dolls. Wool actually takes the smell of your home and the doll becomes such a comforting companion. After searching for the best quality, I found "West Earl Woolen Mill" in Pennsylvania. They are the biggest wool batting supplier to the crafters all around The United States. :o) having wool allergies? No problem! I can stuff the doll with eco friendly fiber fill, just let me know! :o)

My Lara dolls "skin" are made from %100 cotton interlock knit. In the search for the best quality fabric, I tried different shops online and finally decided on the fabric that I found from Weir dolls and craft. The fabric is amazing, it is so soft and doesn't pill, so enjoyable to work with, plus Weir dolls and craft serves my motto of supporting local businesses as they are 20 minutes drive from my home :o)

Wool and mohair yarns for my dolls hair are (again) coming from local yarn shops where I can find the finest and most colorful variety of yarns. I usually mix the different types of yarns for hair to give some texture and more durability to stand for all the hair styling and handling. Every piece of yarn is securely hand stitched to the head by hand and then cut to give some style.

My Lara dolls have sweet simple face that hand embroidered by me using cotton floss. According to Waldorf philosophy the simple expression on their face encourages children to engage in open play, reflecting back to the child whatever emotion is. The doll can be happy, sad, sleepy, etc. depending on your child's mood or the specific scene they have created.

And as number 4, my dolls are made with LOVE! And lots of it!, I can not describe the joy I get out of making them. Playing with Lara and making dolls...they both are such relaxing times of the day.

And the 5th place goes to.... extreme CARE, I pay great attention to details to produce high quality dolls. Every stitch is done with extreme attention. I would not make a doll that I wouldn't give to my daughter.

Every piece of my dolls is done by me. I sew mostly by hand to create beautiful one of a kind dolls, every doll has a different yet sweet personality.

I dress my dolls in simple yet chic clothing, I have my own patterns and really do enjoy dressing them up! Sometimes I knit sweaters using either wool or cotton yarns in different and fun colors. I try to create dolls as fun, hip and chic toddlers as I see my baby in the same way. So there is always something in my dolls from my daughter.

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