Meet Lara, my baby, my love, my joy, my inspiration... She is 2 years old, a handful toddler, everyday with her is different, joyful and amazing!

She is the reason I make dolls, I am a maker of a lot of things (I'll mention more in a bit) but I have never made dolls before she was born, I made doll furniture for my friends daughters but never attempted to make a doll. After we have Lara, I wanted to make a special doll for her, a doll that she would cherish for years so I made a nice little cuddly doll for her with pink hair, and another one came with red hair this time, another arrived soon with orange/copper tone hair, by the time I made the third one, I am hooked to doll making. Finally, when she has almost a room full of dolls of different looks and colors, I thought she has enough for now and decided to open my passion to the world. That's how Lara&me was born.

And meet me, I am 35 year old, born in Turkey and living in Michigan, US. I am a Mom, an employee, a house maker, and a passionate crafter...

As far as I remember I am in to making "things". My first craft was a potholder with a green cross-stitch swan on it, I was so proud of my self and showed it to everyone :o) My mom has been treasuring it for years and she is planning to give it to my daughter when she is old enough. That's how my crafting days began, after cross stitching I learned knitting, crocheting, sewing, fabric painting... I will share the pictures and ideas in my blog about my crafts along with my dolls, please check it out often :o)

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